Attention: Online retail & ecommerce Brand Owners 
Are you ready to grow your ecommerce store To thousands of Dollars in the next 90 days Without being burned By an agency? 
we Show you with the Exact foundations, roadmap, and marketing strategies We’ve Used To Grow Multiple Online Stores To 1MM+ In Sales. 
Reaching Your Goals Within Your Margins - And Most Importantly - Your Budget. 
We'll let our client results do the talking: 
Over the last 12 months We've Consulted Dozens of Ecommerce businesses with their marketing And helped get their revenue to levels they had only dreamed about…

95% of our clients end up partnering with us AFTER they worked with an agency only to have no results or unprofitable results with the agency’s retainers and required ad spend.

In the past few years we’ve empowered clients with the exact foundations, roadmap, framework and marketing strategies that have generated our clients over 6, 7 and even 8-figures per year.

Now they can do it themselves, take full control and build their business from the ground up, while we guide them through the entire process.

Want to book a free consultation? Let’s discuss possibilities. 

Please Note: We currently have an intake of 2 new clients per month and carefully screen all enquiries to ensure that we can 100% deliver. To find out if we’re a good fit, Secure your Free Marketing Call with us today.

Who's it For?

    Our one-one-one coaching program is for any eCommerce business owner with an existing store that is doing at least $2k+ /month. If this is you, at least one of these things may sound familiar:

    • Not sure if you're focusing on the right things or making mistakes with your website, offer or ads. We get it. There are tons of courses out there and you don't know who to listen to. 
    • Bad experience with agencies burning through your budget or not getting you the results that they promised. 
    • ​Running Facebook Ads but not seeing stable and predictable returns. 
    • Difficulty maintaining or achieving profitability and trying everything to get past the revenue plateau
    What will it help you achieve?

      Comios Media will help you achieve the following in the next 6-months or less by: 

      • Auditing your business from top-to-bottom to make sure it's airtight and all the foundations are in place
      • Teaching you all the marketing systems you need for long term sustainable revenue
      • Giving you actionable steps to dial in your website, offer, ads and email marketing to make sure they're converting above the industry average
      • One-on-one accountability with marketing experts who've done it before - guiding you through the process of growing your store with proven marketing systems 

      We Consult eCommerce Brands

      How did we get started doing this?

      Over the past 5 years, Nicolas has been in the trenches growing Ecommerce businesses for clients and himself. During that time he noticed certain systems and frameworks that work to grow ecommerce businesses.

      Ever since then we've been consulting ecommerce businesses and showing them how they can grow through plateaus. 

      How to get started
      If you’re an eCommerce business owner with an existing business making at least $2,000 /month and you’re interested in learning how to maximize profits, implement proven systems, and grow your store with guided experts helping you along the way — 

      Schedule a call using the calendar below and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if CM program is a good fit. If you have any questions, email
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